Monday, July 24, 2017

CTA Survey Results 2017

It's been a hectic month thus far since the release of 8th Edition and we have been working to consider options to bring our attendees the best possible experience. Recently we conducted a survey to our potential event attendees to let them provide us with some feedback on the type of event they wanted to play in. We had 38 people take the survey and we are ready to provide the results. So, let's get right to it.

Interesting response. Of the 38 voters,23 voted yes they wanted to restrict the detachments and limit the number of certain detachments that could be taken.

Overwhelmingly, people voted to restrict the Air Wing Detachments along with Supreme Command and the Super Heavy Detachments. No real surprises there.

Again, no real surprise here. Those who wanted to limit certain detachments wanted to limit them to 1 for the most part.

This vote was actually very, very close until the last few respondents voted.  For most of the polling period it was 50/50 on limiting units with Fly and Vehicle keywords.  Ultimately the vote went in favor of Nay, with 22 of the voters electing not to limit the number of flyers.

Now, this point is (almost) moot because of the latest GW FAQ which was a significant update and response from them to limit flyer spam, being units taken in a Flyer role in a detachment do not count as units on the board for the purposes of Sudden Death. Meaning if all you have at the end of a Battle Round (after the first) are flyers you have lost the match.

While this question is essentially moot as well at this point, I thought I'd display the vote anyway. Most did not want to restrict the number of Fly Vehicles at all, but of those that did, most wanted to limit it to 3, which I found to be quite reasonable.

Another hot-button issue has been HQ spam for many lists (Tau we are looking at you...also Tzeentch.) Overwhelmingly the voters did not see that as an issue at all and voted NOT to limit the number of HQ selections an army can take. So breathe relief Tau players, your Commander spam lists are ok for Come the Apocalypse.

Of the 38 voters, 27 of them voted to allow Forge World into the event, which is not surprising at all really. People love their Forge World toys, so game on for CTA!

One of the largest issues heading into this event was the question of Titanic units with a high Power Levels being allowed at the event. Several events have taken steps to restrict that, but I wanted to see how our attendees felt about it first. Overwhelmingly the vote came in to NOT allow any units with a Power Level greater than 30 into the event. So you'll have to keep those Titans and Ta'unars at home for Come the Apocalypse.

These results will be reflected in the new Event and Mission Packet. I would like to take the time to thank everyone for going and voting. The responses were even greater than we thought. See you in September.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Come the Apocalypse Podcast - Episode 7

Hosts: Robert Chandler, Roger Jones, Derek Rowe, and Dan Rachels
Produced by Roger Jones

In Episode 7 we discuss the arrival of 8th edition and the impact it will have on the game and the competitive meta. In addition we discuss the upcoming Come the Apocalypse Grand Tournament which we've been prepping for.

Episode Direct Download Link: